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The different services of KEZO Group...

KEZO Residential consists of a handyman and construction company. Our handyman company can tackle a series of small to medium jobs for a lower price and will give estimates on timing. Our construction company takes on large projects with multiple workers, such as full kitchen or bathroom remodels and home additions, often requiring certified contractors. Because certified contractors are usually for larger projects that require permitting, the cost is more substantial. The construction division will give a quote for the complete job and we typically do not work by the hour. Handyman rates are often less expensive and typically priced by the hour, half days and full days. With our construction company, you are priced by the job and typically all materials are provided by our company.  KEZO Commercial is strictly a commercial company that works for for all types of businesses. Both the construction and handyman companies provide the same insurance by law in New York City. The commercial company is insured through out the United States.

Can KEZO be my general contractor? KEZO Residential can handle all structural repairs or alterations, including building construction, full-scaled remodeling projects, additions, and rehabs. If needed we will work with an engineer and architect to draw full scaled plans. Whenever you’re hiring somebody to complete work that will require a building permit, a contractor is not only the prudent choice; it can be the required choice. This requirement helps ensure state and local building codes are met, which helps protect you from structural or system failure within your residence. KEZO Construction price out the job as a whole and give a set cost for the full job.

So what can KEZO do for me as a company? With KEZO Residential, our handyman section may be your best choice to handle small to medium projects with limited potential for structural damage to your residence. The technicians in our handyman service are trained with special requirements to work for KEZO. We have electricians and plumbers on our team. Handyman costs can run substantially lower. We charge by the hour, half day or full day for each technician with a handyman job. If you need an estimate, we can give you an idea of the time of the project and how many technicians are required to complete the entire job. The construction division can handle all your remodeling projects with a full team of certified technicians. Our construction team works with the clients from the start to finish with design, electrical, plumbing and full renovations. We are available to set a schedule of a project for a desired time frame whether it is three days, one month or a full year. KEZO Paints can handle your painting needs from residential to commercial buildings. A full crew of trained professional painters are ready to scrape, sand, skim and paint your interior to the highest caliber of technical aspects. KEZO Commercial handles restaurants, hospitals, caferterias, hotels and resorts installing oil containement systems. KEZO Commercial is a full service company serving the United States. 

Customer service with KEZO... KEZO offers excellent customer service, outstanding work, and charges fair market pricing – so why does it matter what we call ourself? Although there are a lot of similarities between the KEZO Companies, how we promote our company makes a big difference in the work we provide. It is vital for you, our customer, to understand the difference. We want you to know upfront precisely what we can provide at all times with an idea of the monetary cost of your project. Using the correct title, we can help you decide what type of company is best for your project.