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Should I keep my walls white or paint them in color?

Choosing the right wall paint for your room sets the framework for interior design. Whether it is powder pink, pastel colors, or dark tones, all the colors of the chromatic circle have their advantages and specificities. A kaleidoscope of shades allows you to choose the one that best represents the universe of your home.

Painting sections of walls in different colors is an important decorative trend. More than the choice of color shade, the question of its application arises. Uniform, in contrast, or gradient, the mural does not necessarily apply everywhere in the same way. 

How do you choose the color?

Choosing the right shade for your decor should take into account several factors. The room size will give you more or less flexibility in selecting the color intensity. The smaller the room, the wiser it will be to opt for a light shade to enlarge the space visually. Dark colors provide depth and look good on a single wall section in small spaces. You will have more freedom in choosing large rooms, exquisite shades of navy blue, dark gray, or even forest green.

Reflections of wall paint color can matter. In a room where we will create a soothing decoration, we will like to apply cold tones to it. Conversely, if we want to give pep and dynamism to a living room, kitchen, or dining room, we will look for warmer reflections. Subtle shades to change the atmosphere of decoration with a few brushstrokes.

Which wall to paint according to the shades chosen? 

To embellish your room, play on its structure with associations of contrasting paints. In a living room, open to a dining room, combining two or more colors can emphasize the particular configuration of the room, a great way to delineate spaces. Why not play on two opposite shades on the chromatic circle to choose your shades? An excellent way to combine different murals for an original interior decoration.

Feel free to ask for color samples. Samples allow you to do a test on your walls before starting the work.

Why paint just one wall?

A singularity that refers to a contemporary style and revitalizes a room. Painting only one section of your wall brings modernity to the design. This style choice gains elegance thanks to the marriage of the two wall colors.

Applying the paint to a single wall allows you to play with intense colors that are out of the ordinary. While an entirely bright red living room is challenging to decorate and can look aggressive, a section of red wall in the living room creates a touch of light and originality.

Painting only one wall in a uniform room allows you to play with original color combinations, a way to create relief in a room. Here, the combination of olive green and taupe provides the perfect setting for a cabinet of curiosities.

How to play on the structure of the room with wall paint?

A painted wall can transform the space of a room. A mural allows you to create a fictitious separation within a room. A mural also allows for clever ways to divert attention from one area of the room to another to make it feel like two separate areas within the room.

In an open dining room, a color change can mark the difference in the function of two areas. This is a perfect trick for managing the transition of atmosphere and creating two distinct decorative universes.

If the moldings are the charm of your living room, know that by playing on the application of different shades of paint, you can emphasize them. The pastel pink underlines the particular structure of a traditional living room to give it a more modern soft touch.

Dark colors give depth to the downstairs space. A visual "crushing" emphasizes the ceiling height by contrast by applying a lighter color to the upper part of this child's room.

How to arrange paint colors in a room?

Just remember that dark or intense colors will tend to give depth. These are shades to favor highlighting details, a door, a piece of furniture, or a particular space.

When in doubt, always apply the lightest tone to the whole room and frame the desired space with a more marked style. Like painting a bed frame to highlight the sleeping area.

A blue child's room will gain originality by applying various bluish shades in the room. And if you are afraid that the different colors swear together or of not knowing which shade to associate: opt for a monochrome. Perfect for a soft decoration conducive to dreaming.

Which brand of paint should I use?

In our opinion, the BEST paint to use is Farrow and Ball. Although Farrow and Ball paint is expensive, the quality of this paint is outstanding and covers like no other. The choices of Farrow and Ball can transform your home with deeper, richer colors in toy-safe water-based paint. Farrow and Ball paint is long-lasting and has easy-to-apply finishes crafted with precision by expert chemists. All our paint jobs are guaranteed when we use *Farrow & Ball paint. The paint is eco-friendly production, British inspired and established in 1946. (*KEZO paints only guarantees work with F&B - other brands of paint must be on approval)