KEZO Group

KEZO Group is a leading preferred affiliate of Blackson Arrow SAF. In January of 2023, KEZO Group was invited to be a preferred vendor to install and maintain used cooking oil (UCO) storage systems in restaurants across the East Coast. Today, KEZO Group is traveling across the United States installing systems to collect millions of gallons of used cooking oil each day that is filtered and refined into a sustainable jet fuel additive used to produce SAF.

KEZO Group joins forces and works for Blackson Arrow SAF to install recycled used cooking oil and grease trap material, turning these waste products into raw materials that can be used to manufacture new products such as renewable fuels and sustainable aviation fuel. Oil containment systems are installed at small and national restaurant chains, serving over 50,000 food establishments across the United States.

KEZO Group, to date, has installed and maintained UCO storage systems in many states including New York, Rhode Island, Boston, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and Colorado. Oil containment systems are installed in independent restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, casinos, stadiums, schools, airports and corporate and franchise national chains. Watch for KEZO trucks in your area.