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Beth Caeran

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Caeran

Chief Executive Officer

Julia Gonnet

Customer Success Manager

Franky Caeran

Barkerelle Executive

Alexandria Caeran

Chief Equestrian Rider

George Caeran

Barkerfils Executive

Hello, I'm Jim Caeran. For the past 25 years I have had experience leading construction workers with building and overseeing maintenance jobs and maintaining my own construction company. KEZO is a New York City-based privately owned 'Luxury Handyman' company. I only hire professionals devoted to delivering 'the absolute best' with the understanding our customers are our most significant concern and priority. We routinely assist clients who prefer the professionalism and delivery of a high-end premium service. We will care for all your handyman needs, from private residences to interior designers, major companies, professional art galleries, and well-known celebrities.

A few of our many specialties include repairing or replacing kitchen cabinetry, vanities, faucets, tile, doors, and windows. Installing drywall and flooring. Assembling furniture inclusive of brands such as Ikea, Container Store, RH, and CB2. Building and installing custom shelving and finishing carpentry work. A crew of artists for all your painting needs, from one room to entire apartments. We also specialize in hanging artwork, mirrors, ac units, and TVs on brick, cement & plaster. We have worked on many remodeling jobs from start to finish, owning all the tools necessary to do our work. We have a 2-hour minimum house call per job. KEZO provides a COI when needed, and is fully insured company with liability, workman's comp and an umbrella policy.

Over the years, demand for our quality work has increased dramatically. Our company grew from a two-company operation to qualified professional technicians with a full-time management team. The KEZO principles and standards continue to remain the same, focusing on one job at a time while ensuring our customers' satisfaction. We enjoy all projects from start to finish, and seeing the smile on our customers' faces brings our team the knowledge we are doing the job to meet their expectations. I now have a touch of OCD for everyone working for KEZO. I still have a touch of OCD 😀 when it comes to clean-up, skillful and orderly work. Everyone must be punctual and have a sense of accomplishment on every job they finish.

KEZO has lots to be proud of with our trained professional technician's skills and expertise. With the company's expansion, my wife continually works hard to accommodate customers' schedules and work within their budget requirements. Working in the ballet world her entire life has given her the diplomacy to discuss customers' projects while being attentive to their ideas and preferences. Her own ballet company inclined her to the structured discipline to understand the employees and manage KEZO in a caring and professional environment. Each day that she steers the company, she regularly follows up with our clientele to ensure that our high standards are met with top-quality work. Beth strongly believes every client must have an exceptional experience while utilizing KEZO, an award-winning service.

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of New York City's premier handyman services and pride ourselves on our work ethic, constructive communication skills, and knowledge of the construction industry. KEZO continually strives on being honest to all our customers and takes satisfaction, knowing that our motto will always stand for who we are, "Where Excellence Is Always The Standard.”

Best Regards,

Jim Caeran, President                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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