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Beth Caeran

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Caeran

Chief Executive Officer

Julia Gonnet

Customer Success Manager

Franky Caeran

Barkerelle Executive

Alexandria Caeran

Chief Equestrian Rider

George Caeran

Barkerfils Executive

KEZO Group established itself in 2017 as a premier "Luxury Service Construction Company" in New York City, providing home services for private residences and commercial companies. KEZO's reputation and stellar performance expanded while partnering with professional interior designers, prestigious art galleries, and well-known celebrities. Kezo is NYC's award-winning premier Home Improvement, Commercial Construction, Custom Painting, and Handyman Service with skilled, experienced technicians. 

I am Jim Caeran, President of KEZO Group. For the past 30 years, I have had experience in leading construction workers throughout the United States while maintaining my own construction company. Skilled and experienced techs specialize in Residential and Commercial Remodeling, Interior Painting, Interior Design, and all essential Home Repairs. We routinely assist clients who prefer the professionalism and delivery of a high-end premium service. KEZO hires professionals devoted to delivering 'the absolute best' with the understanding that our customers are our most significant concern and priority. We routinely assist clients who prefer the professionalism and delivery of a high-end premium service. 

In January of 2023, KEZO was selected as an affiliate of Blackson Arrow SAF, installing restaurant containment systems in the United States. Restaurant containment systems recycle used cooking oil and turn it into renewable resources such as biofuel for major airlines and animal feed. Our trained technicians have designed and installed systems in well-known restaurants such as Wendy's, Legal Seafood, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback Steakhouse, Pollo Campero, and Burger King, to name a few.

KEZO sets our rates based on market conditions combined with the elite service we provide. Our positive reputation, awards received, and 5-star reviews provide credibility for the elite work our technicians do on a daily basis. If an unexpected issue arises on one of our jobs for any reason, we are in contact with the client to explain the situation and to receive permission to move forward based on the circumstances. Integrity and transparent communication are vital parts of our business. *check out our commercial company KEZO Group ( and career opportunities (

KEZO guarantees all of our work, we carry insurance, and our employees are all professional, hardworking, and punctual. Our commitment to each customer is to provide excellent workmanship combined with stellar customer service to meet their high expectations. Please review some of our client testimonials on Feel free to give KEZO a call at 917.755.2098 with any questions or if we can provide any additional clarification.

Thank you for considering KEZO Group for your upcoming project.

Best Regards,

Jim Caeran, President


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